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No Such Thing as an Effective Fast Workout? HIIT Begs to Differ!

Customer ServiceJan 10, '22

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is an effective way to get fit and stay on track with your fitness goals without sacrificing your valuable time. Learn how interval training helps you get the most out of your workouts!

New Year Goals and How to Achieve Them!

Customer ServiceDec 28, '21

Are you considering new workout goals for 2022? No matter what your new year resolution ideas, we have great tips to help you stick to them! After all, a new year's resolution is only as good as the preparation and effort you put into it! Don't panic--we're here to help!

Good Morning Exercise: Walking Benefits to Start the Day Right!

Customer ServiceDec 10, '21

Your morning workout routine doesn't need to be complicated to be valuable. Getting any form of movement in to start your day is key and a simple daily walk can set you up for major success!

Introducing the NEW Armpocket Active Belt for Exercise and More!

Customer ServiceNov 23, '21

If you're looking for the best running belt, look no further! Our new Active Belt has the durability, comfort, and phone protection you need in a running waist pack, but is made for so much more! Perfect as a running pouch, travel bag, or just a more convenient way to hold and protect your phone while running errands!