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Xtreme™ i-30

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Xtreme™ i-30

Fits iPhone 6 (without case), iPhone 5 (with a large case such as Otterbox/Lifeproof) or Samsung Galaxy S4/SIII up to 5.5"

Whether you have an iPhone 6 (without case) or have a Galaxy S6, the Armpocket Xtreme™ i-30 running armband offers the highest quality, comfort, protection and durability for your valuable belongings. Versatile enough for any physical activity.

To determine the proper strap length, wrap a measuring tape snuggly around the upper bicep. Match your measurement to the corresponding strap length:
7" - 11" (18 cm - 28 cm)

10" - 15" (25 cm - 38 cm)

13" - 18" (33 cm - 46 cm)

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  • Audio access: Strategically placed audio access ports
  • Compatibility: Devices up to 5.5 inches (14 cm) including the iPhone 6 (without case), Samsung Galaxy® S4 or SIII. Or iPhone 5 or 4 ® in Otterbox®  cases
  • Comfort: Memory foam padding, for guaranteed comfort....backed by a  30 day money-back guarantee
  • Design: Slim design with interior compartments; double zipper closure
  • Durability: Will outlast the life of most phones and devices
  • Protection: Slip proof design that is sweat & water resistant

Tech Specs

  • Model: Xtreme i-30
  • Colors: Black, Pink, Splash, Yellow
  • Dimensions (HxWxD):
  •      5.5" x 3.8" x 0.75" (14 cm x 9.5 cm x 1.9 cm)

  • Strap Sizes (measured around upper arm):
  •     Small: 7" - 11" (18 cm - 28 cm)

        Medium: 10" - 15" (25 cm - 38 cm)

        Large: 13" - 18" (33 cm - 46 cm)

    Compatible with the following phones:

    iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPhone 5 with Speck case, iPhone 5 with Lifeproof case, iPhone 5 with Otterbox case

    Passport, Z30, Z10, Q10, P'9982

    ONE (M8), One (M7)

    Ascend P7, P2, D2, G740

    Nexus 5, G Flex, Volt, G2

    Droid Maxx

    Lumia 640, Lumia Icon, Lumia 1020, Lumia 735

    Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S5 Speck case, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 with Speck case, Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Avant, Galaxy SII, Galaxy A5, Alpha

    Xperia Z LTE, Xperia M2 LTE, Xperia M2, Xperia M2 Dual

    Up to 5.4" (137 mm)

    Customer Reviews

    I am totally satisfied Review by David DM
    I would like brag on this exceptional company and their products! I made my second Armpocket purchase today for my I-Phone 5. I am totally satisfied with the amount of running I do and the fact that my Armpocket has kept my phone protected. I have the peace of mind knowing I will not damage my phone as I tend to sweat a lot! Also the cool thing is I also have room for money, Identification cards, and other small items on my run! The staff is exceptionally friendly and definitely stand by their product!
    Totally happy to share with all my friends and to those considering Armpocket!
    (Posted on 5/19/15)
    Recommend Review by S. Matthews
    Overall Rating
    Love it! Great for the gym, or running or working in the yard. And it is easy to clean!
    Get one. (Posted on 7/23/14)
    Fits my phone nicely Review by J. Iannazzo
    Overall Rating
    I use this for working out and my Samsung GS3 with an Otterbox case fits perfectly.

    I also can keep my locker key in the pocket behind my phone, which is nice!

    It stays on snuggly and doesn't slip off. My phone never gets wet from sweat neither. (Posted on 4/28/14)
    Great product as expected Review by Mirjam
    Overall Rating
    The i-30 does fit a Galaxy S4 phone, but without an Otterbox casing and it would have been great if it would fit. It's a hassle taking the phone out of the casing. Then again, there is no better product on the market so I am sure you are already working on a design that is between I-30 and I35 to fit this phone with an Otterbox Defender case :)
    In the mean time I will enjoy using this one. (Posted on 7/3/13)
    It fits perfect! Review by Rick, C. Jr. - May 2013
    Overall Rating
    My wife uses this case for her iPhone 5 with the Otter Box Defender case. It fits perfect and there is room to spare. Best case thus far for iPhone 5 with Otterbox Defender case!

    My wife loves the Armpocket and if it were not for that her phone would have been ruined in the downpour yesterday! (Posted on 7/3/13)
    You can't beat it Review by Sarah S.
    Overall Rating
    The folks at Armpocket really thought of everything. From the comfortable band, to the internal pockets for essentials, the convenient audio ports, the durable and comfortable materials and perhaps the most important-- the water resistance.

    I used to have to stop and dunk my phone in a ziplock bag in the event of rain. With the Armpocket, I never break stride. I've run for hours in downpours and my phone was totally untouched. The subtle details are great-- like the velcro closure technology-- It won't trash your running gloves in the winter like most harsh velcro does. It's also very comfortable and doesn't pinch or rub like my previous armbands have.

    I have the i-30 and stash my iPhone5, some emergency cash, an id, an energy shot and a key inside. Even when it's fully loaded I don't find it to be bulky in the least.

    If you ever have a question, the customer service is outstanding. I recommend Armpocket to any runner or sports enthusiast. You can't beat it. (Posted on 7/3/13)
    Best smartphone armband Review by Esteban C.
    Overall Rating
    Very well-designed armband for larger smartphones. Fits my Droid X and, I guess, similarly large phones, with plenty of extra room for other necessities like keys and cards. The material is surprisingly comfortable even in hot sweaty conditions, and the touch-screen remains very responsive behind the plastic. The only caveat is that because there is so much space inside, the phone will not be snug against the plastic if there is nothing else inside. Still by far the best armband I've ever used.
    EDIT: just got an iPhone 5 to replace the Droid X, and bought an Otterbox Defender case. This armpocket fits the iPhone in the otterbox perfectly. Without the otterbox it's a little loose, but no big deal. (Posted on 7/3/13)
    Great for S3 Review by Z
    Overall Rating
    I have the new Samsung Galaxy 3 and was looking for an armband big enough to hold it. And after 3 months of using it I wanted to write a review about since I LOVE IT so much! Yes the 40$ tag turns people off and they settle with 15 and 20$ models however you do get what you pay for. I have the SEIDIO case with kickstand on my S3 and I don't even have to take it off to put it in the armband.

    Not having to take off the layers of protection on/off every time I run was alone worth the extra 20$. I also got caught in a mild rain and everything was completely fine, cant speak for a heavy pour but I would imagine everything would be great. It fits like a glove, I love the velcro technology it implements; the velcro never wears and like all velcro, very simple to put on and was a great fit. It easily fits my house key, some money, and an ID with room to spare.

    Anyway I figured since the S3 was a big phone and this was a big case I was buying a case that would more then likely work for all future models I upgrade to so it hopefully will end up being a very smart buy. (Posted on 7/3/13)

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    Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register

    • Water ResistantWater
    • Machine WashableMachine
    • Headphone Music PortHeadphone
      Music Port
    • Touch Control WindowTouch Control
    • Eco-Friendly ProductEco-Friendly
    • Quality, Durable ConstructionQuality, Durable
    • No-Slip Memory FoamNo-Slip
      Memory Foam
    • Comfortable Vented StrapComfortable
      Vented Strap