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How to prepare/train for a race

The main question I get asked all the time is what is it I do to train for my Races. Depending on what type of Race you are doing; weather it is an Obstacle Course Race, Half Marathon, or a 5K, the key to remember is how you prepare your training plan doesn't change no matter what the distance is. If it is your first Race that is a different story, and something I will cover in my next Blog Post, but over the years I have learned that the key to any race is to prepare for the course more than the distance. For example, when I was preparing for The OCR World Championships in Ohio I had to focus my training on climbing more than speed as the course was very technical. Knowing what type of terrain you will be running is key to adjust your training plan to fit the Race at hand. Below are some tips and tricks on just how to prepare leading into race week.

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How To Stay in the Zone

I often get asked a lot of questions after running a marathon. Questions such as Did you win? How long was the race? Did you finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place? What happens when you have to use the bathroom? But one question that has me thinking every time is, what do you think about, so you can keep on running and not call it quits in the middle of the race. How do you stay focused and in the zone? For every marathon I have a different experience and yes I often hit the wall, where I want to just call it quits. But somehow I never do or haven't. I guess I have it ingrained in me that what I start I must finish, unless I'm injured or seriously hurt, but as long as my legs are working, I will keep on moving.

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Comfort, Protection, Durability iPhone 6s Armband

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are finally here! By all accounts, this is the best and most advanced iPhone ever built. It has an upgraded camera, better sound, Retina display, and it's loaded with a whole host of new features. This new iPhone is being touted as one of the toughest Apple has ever built, but it is still delicate. So it’s not surprising that the most common accessory sold for the new iPhone 6s is a protective case. When you buy a new phone, it’s almost automatic that you purchase a case to go with it. The reason behind this is because the iPhone is more of an investment rather than just a smartphone. And you always want to protect your investment.

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Workout Armband for iPhone 6 Plus

The fitness craze is taking the nation by storm and people are shaping up in record numbers. Today, diet and exercise is playing a more prominent role in people’s lives. There is good indication that parents are starting to take the exercise and diet of their children seriously as well. As more people get serious about working out, they’re looking for the right gear to help them reach their goals. The main tool in that arrangement is their smartphone. Smartphones have some of the best fitness apps available. They’re important tools for helping people reach their fitness goals.

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Ambassador Inspiration & Motivation - Arie Rich

The dictionary defines motivation as "the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. The general desire or willingness of someone to do something." What is my motivation? I find it difficult to answer this question. In trying to define my motivation I find myself looking back to my past, my childhood, my present and my future. I believe my motivation is found in many different things and places. Sounds weird I know, but let me explain.

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Ambassador Amazing Opportunity

Hello runners and fellow exercise enthusiast. I would like to share briefly on an opportunity that recently opened itself up to me. Last month I was selected to become a member of the Amputee Blade Runners team. Initially I saw this as an opportunity to meet other amputees and also to gain knowledge about how to take steps to achieving more as an amputee athlete. Little did I know, that when I flew to Nashville for a week that my outlook on life as well as my future goals would change.

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Ambassador Inspiration & Motivation - Jason Fanning

My name is Jason Fanning, and I am a Veteran first and foremost, as well as a competition junky who is currently a professional obstacle course racer running for the Courage Challenge Pro Team. I consistently finish in the Top 10 in my age group, and have qualified to be competing in the Obstacle Course World Championships for the second year in a row. Last year I finished 1st in my age group, and 6th overall at the 15K qualifier, which was my first race of the year.

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The Ultimate Running Gear

In this world there are casual runners and ultimate runners. Ultimate runners are a different type of animal. When they go out for a run, they mean it. Not to say all runners aren’t serious about their sport, but ultimate runners are constantly trying to improve their time, working on their technique, and monitoring their progress. They buy their shoes, clothing, gear, and even their music based on how it can give them an edge. Everything they do with regards to running is geared towards getting faster, stronger, and building up their endurance.

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The Perfect Running Armband Solution

Apple just announced the release of their new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus smartphones. These new models are being touted as an upgrade to compete against the Samsung Edge and Note 5. Whoever becomes the eventual king of the smartphone market, you can bet that exciting new apps are sure to follow. Fitness apps are quickly becoming the most downloaded applications by smartphone users and show no sign of slowing.

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3 Fitness Myths That Need To Be Corrected

Myth ONE: “In order to be successful in working out you can only work each muscle group one day a week.” This does hold some truth depending on what your overall fitness goals are. When I lift I don’t lift solely for aesthetics but also to maximize my athletic performance. I'm a firm believer that when properly progressed to and executed the over training method is very beneficial. Over training has helped me perform at a high level consistently for long periods of time with very little recovery time. For example, if you’re a soccer player you run everyday during practice not just one day a week. In doing so you’re able to perform game after game without getting tired. When I was kickboxing I trained at a high level everyday to ensure that when it was time to fight in a tournament I didn’t need to rest much between fight in order to recover.

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