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Ambassador Inspiration & Motivation

My name is Artis Thompson III. I am the father of three beautiful kids, a semipro football player, a personal trainer, an American Ninja Warrior, and an amputee. Every day I am faced with many challenges and obstacles that sometimes make me question whether I am capable of succeeding. My daily motivation and inspiration comes from my kids. When I think of them I'm instantly reminded and encouraged that there is nothing that I cannot do. With that motivation, I am committed to spending the rest of my life going above and beyond. My goal is to accomplish anything and everything that will push my limits physically, and mentally.

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Personal Trainer’s Gear of Choice

Every day I see so many different fitness products, in particular fitness armbands. As a personal trainer, and a runner, I see and hear about a lot of great products. I also see the newest products people are investing in. I personally seek the highest quality products, but I am more inclined to want to grab a product that looks great. When I was introduced to Armpocket®, I was beyond excited. Not only does Armpocket look amazing, it feels amazing! Armpocket is very, very high quality.

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Armband

The Samsung Galaxy S series has been the best-selling line of Android phones for several years. With a larger eye-popping screen, sleek modern design, and host of improved features, its no wonder the new flagship model is the rave of techie sites. Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is here, and it’s looking to be their most impressive yet, solidifying Samsung’s reign as king of the Android smartphone. Samsung has long been known for designing the must eye-catching Android phones and tablets on the market. The Samsung Galaxy S6 continues that dedication to excellence with a thinner, sleeker design. The more powerful processor produces stunning high definition images that will amaze. The beautiful 5.1-inch AMOLEDD display offers eye-popping and brilliantly razor sharp images.

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Running with an Armband for iPhone

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus is, by all accounts, the best Apple smartphone yet. With more memory, a razor sharp larger screen, and super-fast processing power, the iPhone 6 does everything you want it to do, and more. It’s your phone, your GPS system, your music player, and your personal computer, all in the palm of your hand. When it comes to exercise, your iPhone transforms into your personal trainer and coach, keeping track of your time, counting calorie burn, and matching the perfect music mix to your workout. The iPhone is without a doubt, a runner’s best friend.

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Marathons and your Armband for iPhone 6

Running long marathons is challenging, both physically and mentally. A marathon can be a long distance run of 10 miles or longer, or runs that last over 90 minutes. Running long distances is a venture into a runner’s ability to balance and preserve energy in order to maintain stamina. Preparing for a long-distance run takes many hours of training, with dedication to not only improving your time, but also improving on your mental stamina. In order to hone their running skills, many runners turn to smartphone apps that assist them with tracking their performance, and improving their time.

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Armband for Apple Smart Watch

The Apple Watch is here, and the newest product from the innovator of the smart phone is sure to turn some heads. The Apple Watch is the next progression by the iPhone inventor to provide a slim new smart watch to compliment their inventory of innovative products. Its sleek look and fully functional touch screen already has the tech blogs buzzing.

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 is Coming!

The Samsung Galaxy S series has been the best-selling line of Android phones for several years now. With a larger, possibly curved screen, sleek modern design, and host of improved features, it’s no wonder the new flagship model is raising eyebrows in anticipation. Their latest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is coming, and it’s promised to be their most impressive yet.

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Tips For Balancing Work, Fun and Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle Lynette Pettinicchi #ActionAchieves

Lynette, one of Armpocket’s amazing A-Listers, is an NYC publicist and founder of the blog Life’s Better in Yoga Pants. Between training for races, eating healthy, dating, working and sleeping, Lynette still finds time to take care of herself. Lynette shares everything from race recaps, to new product reviews and recipes on her blog!

Lynette absolutely loves her Armpocket Aero i-10 and is thrilled to be a part of the Armpocket Ambassador team. Music is essential for Lynette on a run and her new Armpocket armband is the perfect accessory!

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Training Tips for New Runners Sandra LaFlamme #ActionAchieves

The beginning of my running journey

Written by Sandra Laflamme from the blog Organic Runner Mom

Are you thinking about going for your first run? I have been a runner for a long time now. I began my life as a runner way back in high school. I went for my first real run to the “Three Angels” on Philadelphia’s Boathouse Row as a part of one of our first practices with the Crew Team. Our coach Liesel often had us go for runs along Philly’s famed Schuylkill River to improve our aerobic fitness or on days when the water was too choppy to go out for a row. It was on that first real run that I discovered joy in running. I loved the way my body felt as I moved, the increased heart rate and the hints of an endorphin rush.

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Favorite Running Races Kathleen & Lauren Benson #ActionAchieves

Although we just started running in races in 2013, we both have a combined 52 races (and counting) that we have participated in! Some have been small while others have been quite large, and some we wish we could do every year while others we would rather not sign up for again. Numerous things make races stand out to us including: beautiful race courses, running in interesting places, great volunteer support, and of course it has to have awesome swag! Kathleen is taking on the challenge of running a half marathon in all 50 states, so she has insight into what the best races are throughout the country. Lauren might not be taking on this same challenge, but she has been lucky enough to get outside of her home in St. Louis and travel near and far to some of the best races out there. As Armpocket ambassadors, we are thrilled to share this blog with you about each of our favorite running races.

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