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The Best Armband for Your Active Lifestyle.

What makes an Armpocket® armband the ultimate armband®? It’s not any one thing. It’s everything! The ultimate armband is comfortable to wear, stays put, protects your device, has enough space for a variety of items and is made of quality materials that last.

A Snug Fit That Won’t Slip

1 The vented strap with bamboo-rayon edges and high quality Sport VelcroTM ensures even compression around your arm. Combined with the no-slip memory foam, every Armpocket armband stays put without sliding or twisting during your workout.

2 Soft, Dry and Comfortable

Armpocket armbands are comfortable to wear as a result of the ultra soft, moisture wicking bamboo-rayon mesh fabric. For added comfort, there’s a layer of soft, breathable memory foam sandwiched between the water-proof barrier for the internal compartments and the moisture wicking mesh fabric that hugs your arm.

3 It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts

On the inside, depending on the model, there are multiple compartments to hold keys, cash, an ID and of course, your mobile device. You’ll find dual audio ports on either to top or bottom of the armband and a slip resistant silicone strap to secure your device and hold it in place.

4Leave Your Phone in its Case

Armpocket armbands come in a variety of sizes to secure virtually any device without removing it from its case. Just select the appropriate size for your needs and enjoy double the protection with no hassle.

5 See. Control. Protect.

The touch control window not only protects your device from the elements and allows you to see the screen, it also gives you full control over all of your device’s functions without removing it from the armband.

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Pick Your Favorite Color

You’re an individual. While many other brands only offer their products in black, or possibly pink, at Armpocket, we think choice is a good thing. That’s why we offer as many as 6 different colors, as well as unique patterns and designs.

Bring it all, or Travel Light

One size does not fit all. That holds true for mobile devices, as well as our customers’ individual needs. Some like to workout with only the bare essentials, and keep their armband as light and slim as possible. Others need to bring keys, cash, energy gels, diabetic supplies and an ID. We’ve got you covered either way.

Water Resistant & Machine Washable

When you’re pushing it to the limit, anything can happen. A slip in the mud. An unexpected rain shower. Or just your friend who never tightens the top on their water bottle! A little bit of wet stuff shouldn’t ruin your day, or your mobile device. Every Armpocket armband is water resistant to protect your belongings from the unexpected and designed to be machine washable without falling apart.


If you enjoy working out surrounded by mother nature, you care about your impact on the environment. And so do we. That’s why every Armpocket armband features fabric made from recycled plastic (PET) fibers, as well as natural bamboo rayon, which is moisture-wicking and resilient to bacteria, mold and mildew.

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Engineered for Performance

Any product you use while working out has to be tough and rugged. Yet it also has to perform at the same level you do during your workouts. Armpocket armbands are engineered to outperform any and all competitive products available.

Headphone Music Port

For many, music is a better fuel during a strenuous workout than any energy bar. And since you already have your mobile device strapped to your arm, accessing its ability to stream your favorite playlist is a no-brainer. But some devices have the headphone jack on the top, the bottom or the left or right side. Some have long cords that get in the way. We’ve addressed all of those issues with a variety of cases compatible with almost any device. Add to that our Zip-N-StowTM VelcroTM strap to manage the cord and you have the ultimate armband!

Built to Last

Armpocket armbands are made from the highest quality components we could find. Not only does that make them more comfortable to wear, it also ensures they last a lot longer than some of the lower priced competitive products on the market. Cheap isn’t such a good value if you’re replacing it repeatedly…

Better Safe Than Sorry

It’s not always easy to get your workout in during daylight hours. Especially during the winter months. That’s why we offer armbands with reflective edges, and even ultra-bright LED lights. On the Armpocket NighthawkTM a white light illuminates the path ahead, and a flashing red light makes sure you’re visible from behind. See and be seen!

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  • Water ResistantWater
  • Machine WashableMachine
  • Headphone Music PortHeadphone
    Music Port
  • Touch Control WindowTouch Control
  • Eco-Friendly ProductEco-Friendly
  • Quality, Durable ConstructionQuality, Durable
  • No-Slip Memory FoamNo-Slip
    Memory Foam
  • Comfortable Vented StrapComfortable
    Vented Strap