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++How do I access the home screen on iPhone 7 or iOS 10 without using touch ID?

AssistiveTouch is the home button workaround and it allows you to access your home screen and other gestures without using the home button and also works for previous generation iPhones that updated to ios10. 

How to turn on AssistiveTouch

  1. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch, then turn on AssistiveTouch.
  2. When you turn on AssistiveTouch, you’ll see the AssistiveTouch Circle on your screen (you can drag the AssistiveTouch Circle to any edge of the screen, then tap the Circle to open Assistive Touch Menu).
  3. Once AssistiveTouch is turned on you will need to push the side power button to turn on the screen, when used inside an Armpocket.
  4. Once power button is pushed you’ll see the AssistiveTouch ( the circle appears), Tap on the circle
  5. After tapping the circle icon, AssistivetTouch menu comes up, tap on home icon, and the passcode screen will come up to unlock your phone.

For faster access to your phone you can turn passcode off.

How to turn passcode off

Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode (On devices without Touch ID, go to Settings > Passcode).

  1. Turn Passcode Off: Tap this option to turn off your passcode

++Is there an Armpocket that fits the iPhone 7/6/6s Plus or Note 5/4 with an Otterbox Defender case?

A: Yes! The Armpocket Mega i-40 Plus is an ideal fit for the iPhone 7/6/6s Plus or the Galaxy Note 5/4 with an Otterbox Defender series case. Shop Mega i-40 Plus Now.

++ I have an iPhone 7/6/6s, which Armpocket is recommended?

A: There are a few Armpocket options for the iPhone 7/6/6s that we recommend. For the iPhone 7/6/6s with a slim bumper case (not to exceed 5.5"), we recommend the Xtreme i-30 model which has interior storage or the Racer which is our slimmest model. If you have a larger case like an Otterbox or Lifeproof, we recommend the Mega i-40 model.


++Is there an Armpocket that fits the iPhone 7/6 Plus?

A: Yes! We recommend the Armpocket Mega i-40 or Mega i-40 Plus if you have an Otterbox case, for the iPhone 7/6/6s Plus or the Galaxy Note 7/5/4. Shop Mega i-40 or Mega i-40 Plus now.

++What makes the Armpocket armband better?


A. Armpocket armbands are made of ECO-friendly recycled PET (recycled plastic) fabric and natural bamboo rayon. Our patented designs use breathable memory foam padding that contours to the natural shape of your arm and resists slipping. Also, our proprietary vented strap is wrapped in moisture-wicking natural bamboo rayon so your arm stays cool and dry for extended wear. Inside, Armpocket armbands have three storage compartments so your loose items stay securely in place. Furthermore, our moisture-resistant fabric keeps your sensitive electronic devices safe from moisture damage. Our customers insist that the Armpocket is the most comfortable and versatile arm-strap carrying device around--we think you will agree. See testimonials page.

++What do mean when you say Armpocket armbands are "Eco-Friendly"?

A: We, at Armpocket, have gone to great lengths to make the Armpocket products as "green" and eco-friendly as possible. In fact, the main fabric used in the construction of every Armpocket is 100% post-consumer recycled PET materials made from plastic bottles. Similarly, we use natural bamboo rayon instead of manufactured synthetic wicking materials. We firmly believe that we have found the ideal balance between providing you Armpocket armbands constructed from the highest quality materials while minimizing our carbon-footprint--a win-win proposition for everyone.

++Is it water and sweat resistant?


A: Yes. Armpocket armbands are engineered by runners-- for runners and any other active people. Each Armpocket product is made of water resistant fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Plus, we added an extra layer of waterproof material between the back of the Armpocket and the storage compartment so your valuable electronic devices remain protected from any moisture damage. Likewise, we've added ultra-comfortable, moisture wicking bamboo rayon fabric along the back and strap edges so your arm and your electronics stay cool and dry.

Armpocket Enterprises is not responsible for consequential or incidental damages, of any nature, to the electronic devices or data loss. Use at your own risk. See warranty information.

++What is the difference between each Armpocket model?

A: The difference is storage capacity and size:

The Mega i-40 Plus™ is our largest model, and the superior armband solution for the iPhone 6 Plus or Note 4 with an Otterbox case, or other devices up to 7 inches in lengh. With double zipper closures, interior compartments for cash, keys or ID and a patented ergonomic design, it truly is the ultimate in quality, comfort, and durability.

The Mega i-40™ is the superior armband solution for the iPhone 6 Plus or the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus (also a great fit for a standard iPhone 6 with a large, Otterbox-style case) and other devices up to 6.5 inches in length. With double zipper closures, interior compartments for cash, keys or ID and a patented ergonomic design, it truly is the ultimate in quality, comfort, and durability.

The Ultra i-35 model can accommodate devices up to 6 inches in length.  Common smartphones for this model include Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 2 or 3.  Interior compartments included for ID, money or credit cards.  Also fits iPhone's with Lifeproof cases or extended battery packs.

The Xtreme i-30 allows you to carry the iPhone 5, and 6 (with no case)  , Blackberry , Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5, along with a set of keys and a couple of gel packs. 

The Aero i-10 is compact and streamlined with 10 cubic inches of storage. You can still comfortably carry a smart phone like the iPhone 5/5s/5c or any other devices up to 5 inches, keys and ID. 

The Racer is the most slender of the Armpocket line. Perfect Fit for the iPhone 5/6s/6 and Galaxy S5/S6 with no case, and other slim devices up to 6”. This is ideal for the minimalist that wishes to only carry their smartphone, ID and a single key.

The Racer's Edge is slightly larger the the Racer in length and width. A perfect Fit for the iPhone 6s & 6 and Galaxy S7 & S6 Edge with thin cases up to 6”

The main fabric used in the construction of every Armpocket is 100% post-consumer recycled PET materials made from plastic bottles.   See the Advantages page for more detailed information.

++I'm new to running, which Armpocket armband do you recommend?

A: The perfect fit is unique to the individual.  We recommend using our Size Chart, to find the best fit for you and your needs. 

++Will it slip like all the other neoprene and elastic armbands I've tried?

A: No. The Armpocket products have been designed for runners -- by runners. Our patented V-strap™ design ensures that the Armpocket armband stays securely on your arm. For best results, position the Armpocket armband between the shoulder (deltoids) muscle and upper arm (bicep) muscle, and pull the strap comfortably tight. As you exercise and your body generates heat, the memory foam will mold itself to the natural contours of your arm. This, along with the vented strap, lined with naturally moisture-wicking bamboo will keep your arm comfortable, dry, and cool - and your Armpocket armband securely in place.

Moreover, our customers have thoroughly tested the Armpocket products. One of the customers ran the Miami Marathon. She happily reported her Armpocket armband did not slip-- in fact she didn't notice it at all during the entire race. "Most comfortable armband, I've ever worn!" Please visit our Testimonials page for several similar reviews on Armpocket.

++I've tried other armbands but they don't fit me - Do you have my size?

A: Yes. At Armpocket Enterprises, we understand that "one-size does NOT fit all." That's why we offer multiple strap sizes. We are committed to ensuring you have the most comfortable, best fitting, and highest quality hands-free carrying device around.

To determine your strap size, simply take a tape-measure and measure the distance around your upper arm. Then, match the number of inches on your tape with our strap lengths, Small(7”-11”), Medium(10”-15”), and Large(13”-18”). Then, find the Armpocket armband you need using the "Fit My Phone" guide. f there's any doubt, feel free to contact our friendly sales associates at 1- 877-ARMPOCT or info@armpocket.com.

++Are Armpocket armbands machine washable?

A. Yes. The Armpocket armbands can be washed using a cold, delicate machine wash program. If you have the Racer model, or if your armband has reflective piping, we recommend hand-wash only, and line dry out of direct sun. This will also extend the life of the water-proof interior lining. The reflective material will pre-maturely deteriorate if placed in a washing machine.

++I have an Otterbox Defender case on my phone, is there an Armpocket that fits?

A. Yes. Armpocket armbands are designed to fit with or without cases – please go to Fit my Phone to get the right fit. For example: The Mega i-40 Plus will accommodate the iPhone 6 Plus or the Galaxy Note 5 with the Otterbox case.

++Can an Armpocket armband be immersed in water?

A.  Armpocket products are water resistant, not water proof. They will protect your belongings from rain, sweat and snow, but it is not recommended to immerse under water in activities such as swimming.

++I own a store. How do we order your products?

A. Please visit our Wholesale page and complete the brief information form or simply contact our sales department at sales@armpocket.com and they will set up a retailer's account and help you place your initial order. We also have eye-catching signs, counter-top and floor displays for your store.

++What is your Shipping Policy?

A: Our normal shipping and order processing days are Monday through Friday. Your order will ship within 24 hours (Mon-Fri) of receipt. For Domestic shipping we offer USPS or UPS, or Fedex. If you chose USPS Standard Mail (First Class) your Armpocket armband will typically arrive in 4 - 7 business days. If your Armocket is shipped expedited, a signature is required for your delivery. 


++If I'm not happy with my Armpocket armband, can I return it?

A. Absolutely. Our "Love it or Return it", return policy allows you to return your undamaged Armpocket armband in its original package within 30 days of original purchase. It must include an Armpocket issued Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA). To obtain an RMA number, please contact our sales staff at info@armpocket.com or call at 877 ARM POCT (276 7628). You must include a copy of the original sales receipt for the returned product. See also our Warranty Information on our Warranty page.

++Does Armpocket ship internationally?

A.  We do ship internationally. Customs and duty fees vary by country and are not included in the shipping charge. Any additional fees are the responsibility of the customer.

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