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Meet the Armpocket A-Listers: Nicolasa Moreau #ActionAchieves

Nicolasa Moreau, one of our newest A-Listers, is a runner, mother and teacher from New Hampshire. Her active lifestyle keeps her happy and healthy, while also allowing her to meet new people and visit different places. Nicolasa discusses her accomplishments, goals, and advice on her blog, Shoelaces and Bibs.

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Meet the Armpocket A-Listers: Christy Gerdes

A-Lister, Christy Gerdes, is a runner, mother, nurse and cowgirl with a passion for leading a fit and healthy life. Making her home on her family’s ranch with her two children, Christy shares her running adventures and love for the outdoors through her blog, Christy Runs.

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Meet the Armpocket A-Listers: Nicole Handler #ActionAchieves

Nicole, one of Armpocket’s fantastic Ambassadors, is a young professional living in NYC and founder of the blog Fitful Focus. An overall fitness fanatic, Nicole is dedicated to leading a fit, healthy, and happy life. Her blog focuses on sharing new ways to remain active, stay full of whole and delicious foods, and remain focused on living the best possible life.

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What triggers that runner’s high?

You know that feeling…when you’re running, feeling exhilarated and light as air?

This feeling of a runner’s high is great, but doesn’t always exist.  New research reveals what triggers this sensation.

Learn how to achieve your runner’s high, more often.

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Tips for Getting Through a Tough Training Run

Tough training runs happen whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro – even elite runners have bad days every once in a while.

To get through a tough training run follow the five tips below and rock it out until the end!

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Why Cross Training is Important for Runners

Running is a sport that demands consistent dedication.

If you’re training for a race, you’re likely running three to six days a week for varying amounts of time. If you’re gunning for a new personal record you may be tempted to run every single day in an effort to improve your pacing and endurance.

The funny thing is though that taking a day or two off from running and focusing on cross training will benefit your running in the short and long term.

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Preparation for Race Day in 3 Easy Steps

When it comes to race day preparation, there’s no need to stress.

Race day jitters are normal, but following a couple of simple tips can help you hit the starting line feeling calm.  

Below we’ve outlined three things you should definitely do as you prepare for your next big race!  


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How to Balance Marathon Training and Life

Depending on your current experience level with distance running, marathon training may take you two to six months (or even more).

Even the most experienced marathoner will spend hours away from home each week hitting the pavement or trails.

woman running with Armpocket armband

Because of the time commitment, finding a way to balance marathon training with life is really important. You don’t want your family or friends to feel neglected while you prepare for a big race.

Below we’re sharing five tips to help you find a nice balance:

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5 Ways Running Makes Us Better at Life

If you are a runner you have probably been asked at least once, “why would you want to run?”

Each person has their own motivation for hitting the roads and trails, but there are some serious scientific and emotional benefits that all runners reap after each workout.

how genetics impact running ability

Today I’m going to share five ways that running makes us better at life.

The next time someone asks you why you run, just point him or her to this post!  

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5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Run After Work

If you’re not a morning person, getting out of bed to run before work can feel impossible. Perhaps you hit the snooze button four times before resetting your alarm and promising yourself you’ll run after work.

The problem there is that running after work comes with it’s own set of problems. You may feel drained after a long day, you may worry about when to eat dinner, what snack to prepare to fuel your run and how late it will be when you finally get home.

woman running with Armpocket armband

If you’ve already skipped your morning run, you really should stick to your plans for an after-work run. Once you hit the trail or pavement you’ll be so glad you did.

We know that the hardest step can be getting out the door, so we’ve prepared a list of five ways to motivate yourself to run after work!

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